Catherine Pellegrino

4th Year Review Portfolio

Note on formats and accessibility: The materials contained in this online portfolio duplicate those in the "official" print binder. These electronic documents contain only my own materials (CV, personal statements, supporting materials, etc.) and not any confidential materials (letters from departmental faculty, etc.).

A. General Information: Curriculum Vitae (.doc)

A. General Information: List of Instruction Sessions (.xls)

B. Personal Statement: Librarianship (.doc)

C. Personal Statement: Research (.doc)

D. Personal Statement: Service (.doc)

E. Future Role: Librarianship (.doc)

E. Future Role: Research (.doc)

E. Future Role: Service (.doc)

F. Supporting Materials: Assessments (.doc)

F. Supporting Materials: Assorted Kudos (.doc)

F. Supporting Materials: Conference Minute Papers (.pdf)

F. Publication: "Does encouraging them to ask for help work? Investigating help-seeking behaviors in college undergraduates" (.doc) (Submitted for review to Reference & User Services Quarterly), June 16, 2011

F. Publication: "But what did they learn? What classroom assessment can tell you about student learning" (.doc) (Forthcoming in Proceedings of the 2010 Library Assessment Conference)

F. Publication: Review of Explaining Tonality: Schenkerian Theory and Beyond by Matthew Brown (.pdf) Notes 63/1, September 2006

F. Publication: Review of Mavericks and Other Traditions In American Music by Michael Broyles (.pdf) Notes 61/3, March 2005

F. Publication: "Aspects of Closure in the Music of John Adams (.pdf) Perspectives of New Music 40/1, September 2006




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