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Just putting this here so I can find it again: ಠ_ಠ

What I did during my summer

(The title of this post was going to be “What I did during my summer vacation” except I’m on a 12-month contract.) Maura Smale posted her #summerIdidlist on her blog recently, so since this has been a particularly busy summer, I thought I’d do the same: Submitted an article manuscript to portal. Facilitated a conversation […]

Friday Early-Reader Blogging

It’s Friday, and more than that: it’s the last day of the semester! This particular semester has been a bit of a slog, and I’m not sure why. It’s possibly because I’m becoming more involved in more initiatives, both here on campus and in the wider librarianship community, that pull me in disparate directions. These […]

Friday Preschooler Blogging

Hi folks! I’ve got a real post in the pipeline for Monday, but it’s not quite fully germinated yet.  So in the mean time, get a load of this objectively adorable three-year-old: Stay tuned Monday for thrills, chills, excitement, and lesson plans: I promise!

Movers and Shakers 2010: Congrats, folks!

It’s that time of year again: Library Journal has just released its list of “Movers and Shakers” for 2010. This year, the Library Society of the World (better link here) was well represented, with Movers & Shakers Maurice Coleman, Matt Hamilton, Jason Puckett, and Andy Woodworth.  But most notably for the LSW, our very own […]

14 Things About Me and Books

Inspired by Steve Lawson’s post, which was in turn inspired by John Scalzi’s post: When I was in elementary school, I read a book called There’s a Rainbow In My Closet that made me want to paint, and paint, and paint. I checked it out of the library a bazillion times, and read it many […]

Tuesday Toddler Blogging

Things have been pretty quiet around here lately:  actual in-class instruction has been done for several weeks now, but we’ve got a lot of projects cooking on various back burners.  We’re going to be doing usability testing on the new library website in January, so we’re getting geared up for that, and I’m working on […]

On the uses of Wikipedia: Noted almost without comment

My husband, Chris Cobb, wrote to me recently: I was twigged to a most exciting (for a medievalist, that is) news story last evening that I wanted to pass along to you, just because. It was announced today that the largest Anglo-Saxon hoard ever discovered has recently been found in Staffordshire, England. It is several […]

Upgraded to WordPress 2.8.4

There’s a really nasty worm out there that’s attacking WordPress blogs, so if you’ve got one, and you’re a lazy bum like me and haven’t upgraded to the latest version of WordPress (2.8.4), please do so!

Library Podcasts: a two-part post

Part the First: Adventures in Library Instruction So I finally got around to listening to the first episode of the “Adventures in Library Instruction” podcast, and the first thing I have to say is, “woo hoo to Jason, Rachel, and Anna for putting this together!” There is seriously not enough going on in the library/web/blogo-2.0-sphere […]