Monthly Archives: September 2009

On the uses of Wikipedia: Noted almost without comment

My husband, Chris Cobb, wrote to me recently: I was twigged to a most exciting (for a medievalist, that is) news story last evening that I wanted to pass along to you, just because. It was announced today that the largest Anglo-Saxon hoard ever discovered has recently been found in Staffordshire, England. It is several […]

What am I doing differently this semester?

So the instruction season is in full swing (I have 5 sessions for three classes this week, and 4 sessions for two classes next week, yikes!) and I’m back from Immersion, so I’m sure you’re waiting with baited breath to find out how Immersion has transformed my information literacy instruction! Wait, you’re not? Oh. Well, […]

Upgraded to WordPress 2.8.4

There’s a really nasty worm out there that’s attacking WordPress blogs, so if you’ve got one, and you’re a lazy bum like me and haven’t upgraded to the latest version of WordPress (2.8.4), please do so!

Beginning of a new semester

We’re at the end of the second week of classes already here at Saint Mary’s, and believe it or not, I’ve already done two instruction sessions — one of which was at 8:00 a.m., heaven help me.  I’ve got big plans for this semester, including incorporating a bunch of stuff that I learned last summer […]