Movers and Shakers 2010: Congrats, folks!

It’s that time of year again: Library Journal has just released its list of “Movers and Shakers” for 2010.

This year, the Library Society of the World (better link here) was well represented, with Movers & Shakers Maurice Coleman, Matt Hamilton, Jason Puckett, and Andy Woodworth.  But most notably for the LSW, our very own Steve Lawson and Josh “Sheriff” Neff were honored for . . .  well, founding doesn’t seem like quite the right term for an organization as disorganized as the LSW.  Perhaps catalyzing is a better term.  Anyway, they’re two of the driving forces behind the LSW, and the award couldn’t have gone to a better duo.  Congratulations, carping nerdboys!

LSW aside, I also want to draw people’s attention to another Mover & Shaker this year, Bonnie Tijerina.  Bonnie and I were Fellows at the NCSU Libraries together (this brings my list of one-degree-of-separation M&S up to six) and I remember when she was starting to organize the first Electronic Resources and Libraries conference.  I know a number of people who attended this year’s conference in Austin and had a terrific experience there, but I had no idea that was her conference, and that it had grown so much.  I’m not surprised, though, and I’m so happy that she’s being noticed by her colleagues and by LJ for this essential work for the library community!