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Google Books as index

This is going to be blindingly obvious to probably about 90% of my readers, but to the 10%1 for whom it isn’t, it might be a bit of useful knowledge. I was teaching a class last week that focused primarily on print sources, and I was showing the students a selection of the books that […]

SafeAssign vs. Google for plagiarism detection

I’m gearing up for a conversation/presentation with faculty on our campus about SafeAssign, the “plagiarism” “detection” tool (more on those quotes in a moment) that’s integrated into Blackboard, so I’ve been doing some testing to see how it compares with Google for finding and sourcing suspicious passages. But first, some definitions:  I put both “plagiarism” […]

My transcendent moment of Google-fu

Last semester, I had a terrific moment at the reference desk, helping an upperclass student doing some fairly specialized research. The student needed books and/or articles that cited a very prominent work from a decade or so ago, let’s say, Susan Faludi’s Backlash, but she was looking for a particular topic, let’s say work-life balance. […]