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When I don’t do an assessment

I’ve had my conversion experience with the Gospel of Assessment, so I always feel bad when I don’t quite manage to do an assessment at the end of a one-shot library session, or I simply forget. Often I forget because the class hasn’t gone well and I’m all anxious about that, and then I just […]

On-the-fly lesson plan conversion

So a couple of weeks ago, I taught a library research session for a nursing class and professor with whom I’d worked before, on a fairly straightforward lesson plan of “how to find articles in an EBSCO database.” The students were upperclasswomen who had done at least some research before, so I had a whole […]

In which I slap myself in the forehead

WHY didn’t I think of this sooner? I’ve been struggling to explain EBSCO’s “My EBSCOhost” feature to students for a year now. Most times, when I explain that it’s a way to save citations and articles (and other stuff, but I generally don’t go into that) from one session to another, or a useful way […]