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Conference Presentation Feedback, Part 3: “But we need numbers!”

(See this post for an introduction to this blog series.) The second most-common idea I found in the minute paper responses can be summed up in the following quotation: We are going through accreditation, and the committee wants more than anecdotal – how do you assess to get the “numbers”? I also got asked virtually […]

Conference Presentation Feedback, Part 2: Getting Buy-In

(See this post for an introduction to this blog series.) The single most common response I got on my conference presentation minute papers can be accurately represented by this quote: How on earth to institute this kind of reflective practice among other librarians!! First off, this is a problem of leadership and organizational culture. Assessment, […]

Conference Presentation Feedback, Part 1: Introduction

So, about a month ago, I gave two conference presentations at two different conferences in the space of two weeks. It was a little nuts, and I probably won’t be trying that crazy trick again any time soon, but I did get to go to two completely different, and extraordinarily valuable, conferences and give presentations […]

Back from Immersion!

So I got back from ACRL’s Immersion program at Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, Florida late on Friday night and I’m still processing all of it. As anyone who’s been to Immersion will tell you, it’s intense.  It’s four and a half days of probably the most focused, hard thinking, never-slacking-off work I’ve done since…well, […]

A short note on assessment data

So I’ve been working lately on a presentation idea that I’ve been kicking around for a while, that I intend to submit for LOEX 2010, and as a result I’ve been looking through a bunch of messy assessment data that I’ve collected over the past year and a bit. And I was reminded of something […]

When I don’t do an assessment

I’ve had my conversion experience with the Gospel of Assessment, so I always feel bad when I don’t quite manage to do an assessment at the end of a one-shot library session, or I simply forget. Often I forget because the class hasn’t gone well and I’m all anxious about that, and then I just […]