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Friday Early-Reader Blogging

It’s Friday, and more than that: it’s the last day of the semester! This particular semester has been a bit of a slog, and I’m not sure why. It’s possibly because I’m becoming more involved in more initiatives, both here on campus and in the wider librarianship community, that pull me in disparate directions. These […]

New guest post at ACRLog

This is just a quick post to note that I have a guest post up this week at ACRLog, entitled “Context Matters.”  Mostly I’m musing on issues of local campus and classroom contexts, and how they affect what works (and doesn’t work) in a library instruction classroom, building on my not-very-successful experiment with no-demonstration classes. […]

Changing domain registrars, possible interruptions

Just a quick note to let you know that I’ll be transferring this domain, and the other domains that I own or manage, from to a different registrar in the next few days.  I don’t know what this will mean for DNS stuff, so the blog may disappear for a day or so and […]

The No-Demonstration Class, Or, Not

Wow, it’s been pretty quiet around here.  I’m sorry about that; the semester got kind of busy. So what have I been working on this semester?  Well, to begin with, I made a real effort to move toward fewer database demonstrations in my instruction sessions. A lot of the one-shot instruction sessions that I do, […]

Friday Preschooler Blogging

Hi folks! I’ve got a real post in the pipeline for Monday, but it’s not quite fully germinated yet.  So in the mean time, get a load of this objectively adorable three-year-old: Stay tuned Monday for thrills, chills, excitement, and lesson plans: I promise!

Conference Presentation Feedback, Part 8: Getting All Meta

(See this post for an introduction to this blog series.) Well, this is the final post in the series, and I thought I would wrap up with one last thought, which is to point out that this entire series has been enabled by the minute paper assessments that I got back at the end of […]

Conference Presentation Feedback, Part 7: But will it get me tenure?

(See this post for an introduction to this blog series.) One question that got asked over and over again was essentially, “how can I use this information in my annual performance review and/or my tenure portfolio?”  And that’s an excellent question!  It’s common practice for teaching faculty members to include course evaluations as part of […]

Conference Presentation Feedback, Part 6: Self-reporting vs. “actual” assessment

(See this post for an introduction to this blog series.) I got several comments on my presentation that were roughly analogous to this one, which I am quoting exactly (the emphasis is in the original): So, to me, they’re still evals of what students think they’re learning, not whether or not they’re actually learning. So, […]

Conference Presentation Feedback, Part 5: Print journals?

(See this post for an introduction to this blog series.) So the first example I used in my presentation was a collection of excerpts from minute papers that eventually convinced me that a large portion of our students, given a journal article citation, don’t know how to find it in a collection of bound print […]

Conference Presentation Feedback, Part 4: Scalability and Sustainability

(See this post for an introduction to this blog series.) As the sole instruction librarian at my library (among a staff of seven), scalability and sustainability are really important to me.  So when I saw comments to the effect of: well, it’s lovely that you’re able to do this at your itty bitty liberal arts […]