ACRL Webcast: Classroom Assessment for Information Literacy Instruction

So, remember those two presentations I did last fall?  Well, I’ll be reworking and expanding that content, and delivering it as a webcast for ACRL’s e-Learning program on Tuesday, July 19, at 2:00 p.m. EDT:

Classroom Assessment for Information Literacy Instruction: Are They Learning What You’re Teaching?

If you want to learn more about formative assessment in information literacy instruction, you might find this to be a useful learning opportunity! One of the ways I’ll expand the content is to respond to some of the ideas generated in the minute paper assessments from when I gave the presentations – those ideas were also what inspired the Conference Talkback series of posts here.

(Full disclosure: I get a portion of the registration fees for this event, but I’m planning to sign my check over to my employer.)