Off to Immersion!

Today is my last day in the office before heading out on Sunday to fly to Eckerd College outside of St. Petersburg, Florida, for ACRL’s week-long Immersion program! Ever since I got my library degree, I’ve been told by everyone and anyone, “oh, you simply MUST go to Immersion!” Every time I turn around, I meet another fabulous person who’s been to the program and had a great experience there.

Well, I finally have a job where Immersion is actually relevant, and I finally have some (very, very generous) professional development money to support my attendance, so I’m finally going, and I’m really really excited about it.1

So I expect I’ll be back in a week with lots of new ideas and new professional contacts.  I already know two people who are going:  my library-school classmate Jenny Emanuel, and my former co-worker at the NCSU Libraries Amy Gustavson.  And I “know” two other attendees through Twitter:  Dana Longley (@disobedientlib) and Jessica Hagman (@hagman).  Gotta remember to put both my business cards and my Moo cards in my luggage…

  1. Though I must say, did it have to be in South Florida, in late July, this year?  It couldn’t have been in, say, Minneapolis?  Or Portland?  Bangor?  One or two years ago it was in Vancouver!  Oh well, I expect that I’ll be spending 99% of my time in the (air-conditioned) conference center anyway.